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NSFC Concussion Management Policy (December 2017)


To communicate the Club’s policy regarding the management of concussions sustained by club players.


The Club will ensure that all parents, guardians, coaches and players are provided with information with regards to the signs and symptoms of concussions via online resources. Parents, guardians, coaches and players will not be able to register for club programs without having acknowledged the receipt of this information and acknowledging that they have a responsibility to report concussion related injuries and illnesses to an independent medical professional.

Parents, guardians, coaches and players will ensure that any player who exhibit signs, symptoms or behaviours consistent with a concussion shall be removed from the athletic activity (e.g., competition, practice, conditioning sessions) and assessed by an independent medical professional with experience in the evaluation and management of concussions. To assist coaches and parents in determining whether a concussion is suspected, FIFA has produced a pocket sized version of the SCAT (Sport Concussion Assessment Tool) that each coach must print and have with them at all training and competitions. View SCAT here.

Parents, guardians, coaches and players will ensure that a player who has been diagnosed with a concussion must have medical clearance from an independent medical professional in order to return to athletic activity (e.g., competition, practice, conditioning sessions). Written evidence of medical clearance to the team’s coach and to our Club must be provided before returning to athletic activity and can be mailed to 11008 155 Street, Surrey BC. V3R 0X1

Return to Play Process Following a Head Injury

A typical RTP process will be made up of 6 steps. There must be a minimum of 24 hours before each step is assessed although this could be considerably longer than 24 hours. Oversight should be provided by a medical professional. View the six step Return to Play Process here.

Education And Information

There are a number of places where parents, guardians, coaches and players can find further information about concussions. These resources have been developed to provide reliable, evidence-based information on preventing, identifying and managing head injuries and concussions.

The BC Government website with key partners: http://www.healthlinkbc.ca/healthtopics/content.asp?hwid=tp23364sp
The Canadian Academy of Sports & Exercise Medicine: http://casem-acmse.org/education/ccc
BC Soccer: https://bcsoccer.net/player-health