"my club, our community"

North Surrey Mustangs Football Club is built with the community at heart of its operations.
From coaching staff, to volunteers, to athletes; equity, inclusion, and diversity are the core
building pillars that ensure the club meets the community needs.


According to the 2016 Census, Surrey is home to the second-largest immigrant population (220,155) in the Metro Vancouver region. In BC, between 2011 and 2016, 10% of newcomers came via refugee status, 38.2% arrived under family class sponsorship and 51.2% fell under the Economic class. Children in families that fall below the economic class are reported to be underrepresented in sports.

Our community in the North Surrey geographical region positively benefits through the various opportunities that arise through the North Surrey Mustangs Football Club. The cohesion and unity of coaches from a vast background has allowed us to ensure that all children and youth feel accepted, and welcome. Players from all cultures, genders, and beliefs are all represented by coaching staff/ volunteers.

We are particularly proud of indigenous representation at our club. In line with the 94 Calls to Action, Sports and Reconciliation; Call #89 “reduce barriers to sports participation, increase the pursuit of excellence in sport”, North Surrey Mustangs has focused working with local indigenous groups to ensure support in reducing barriers in participating in soccer. We have thus far trained indigenous youths to be referees, volunteer coaches; and the club also works with an indigenous counsellor.

Research shows that children from indigenous communities, immigrant families, and low income families are under-represented in sports, but in adulthood they’re over represented in criminal justice systems. By reducing barriers in sports participation, we will be able to reduce the representation in the criminal justice system as sports help youth to channel energy towards positive outcomes, and they become full contributing members to the community.


North Surrey community has a large number of marginalized populations that are under-represented in organized sports. Inequity refers to children from cultural and socio-economical groups that may be overlooked by the “inadvertent” society injustices. The unfair, avoidable differences arising from poor governance, corruption or cultural exclusion; therefore our action planning starts at the club level first, then out to the community and society at large. Our goal here is to identify these families and ensure they receive maximum support for their children. From ensuring financial support, to transportation, as well as breakfast on Saturday mornings. We ensure that children are provided with incentives to ensure that they remain and stay in sports, as well as to ensure that barriers to participation are removed. If you need financial support, please don’t hesitate to contact us, our Community Support Worker is happy to help.

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