online criminAL RECORD PROCESS


North Surrey Mustangs FC will now be using the Ministry of Justice’s online CRC process for volunteers, making the process much easier for volunteers.

You can complete your own criminal record check online free of charge using the website and access code provided below.

  1. Please go to: Click Here []

  2. Scroll down to the bottom and enter the Access Code: 24D9GZPJKM

  3. Follow the instructions on the website [Please note: Must have a BC Services Card].

Once your CRC has been completed a copy will be sent to the club Registrar of North Surrey FC and will be stored for three years. The Ministry of Justice will contact anyone with a letter and instructions should they need to go a step further by having fingerprints done.

In order to use this online process, you must have a Canadian credit history of at least six months AND you must have been residing in Canada for two years or longer. If you do not meet BOTH of these criteria, you will need to complete a manual CRC at the local police department. North Surrey Mustangs FC will sign the letter for you so that the CRC is completed free. Download the attachment and approach club registrar for signature.
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