Important information for Players and parents/guardians of players.

In order to place players in the correct teams for their development, we will be assessing and evaluating players throughout the whole season; meaning the following year, a child may be placed in a different team that is in their right level of development. This is in accordance with the Canadian Soccer Association “National Youth Club License” criteria. 

New players to the club may be assessed over a two week period; thus not holding tryouts. As a player who wants to play in the higher level team, you must showcase your ability throughout the whole season in the team you are registered in. 

Players must ensure they have contacted their team manager in regards to expected practice uniforms. Players in a team cannot practice in gear that is not matching that of the whole team. 


Registration is open for the 2023/2024 Fall Season. 

  • Players must be registered by July 21, and all teams are assigned players by July 28.

  • U10 and U12s development teams are assigned by July 28, players and coaches are informed.

  • August 3, 2024; managers and coach meeting will take place.

  • U5 to U10 house teams will play the season interlock games at Hjorth Road Turf #1

  • U10 development teams and older kids will play in the league via SFDA and BCCSL scheduled games

U10 – U12 Development Teams

Teams are created from players competing in the house/ interlock league the year prior. Our technical team is committed to ensure that our players are assigned to the correct competitive teams that suit their performance standards. The players selected will then participate in a high performance training program throughout the season consisting of 3 training sessions per week. Players not selected will play in the club’s house program where their progress will be monitored for possible selection to the program sometime in the future.  

Requirements for Development teams include 

  • Full NSFC training (practice) kit

  • Full NSFC training tracksuit and rain jacket

  • NSFC Bag

  • Commitment to all practices and games

  • Soccer must be your priority sport in the event of conflict

  • Communicate any potential absence

Goalkeeping Classes 

All players under 12 are expected to participate in at least 4 goalkeeping classes. Participating in the goalkeeping classes does not mean your child will now play as a goalkeeper, but rather; it equips players to be able to cover sufficiently in the event that the main goalkeeper is unavailable to play. Information on the goalkeeping classes will be provided to players by team managers.


“My Club, OUR Community” – when you represent North Surrey, you are also representing the whole community. Rich in culture, a melting pot. Where diversity and inclusion is a cornerstone. Respect is a key value we hold. Players are held in highest regard in how much they respect their opponents, coaches, referees; and most importantly, their parents. 


Thank you for choosing North Surrey Mustangs to be your club, and making the North Surrey community one to be proud of. 



North Surrey Mustangs FC


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